Monday, September 16, 2013

Meet Lucy!

Hi Everyone!
I'm Soooo Excited today!
Glam Affair and Tableau Vivant are open again!!
A lot of new stuff is for sale at their stores! New skins, New accessories and New hair!
I have been waiting for the new Glam Affair skins for a wile now! and i'm so happy that i finally got my hands on one of them.

I have been a big fan of the Amberly skin by Glam Affair since it came out.
It was my favorite of all! Other skins like Zara and Cleo have been released after that, and i got those as well.
I really liked them, but i still kept going back to Amberly for some reason because it was still my Favorite.
Today i picked up Lucy. One of the two new Glam Affair skins. And O-M-G
I think Lucy kicked Amberly of her throne!

It was hard to pcik between the New Lucy and Angelica skin. But i liked Lucy's Make-ups more.
I also couldn't choose between all the makeup options... So i got myself the fatpack! Take all my money Aida! you are my new queen!
Normally i'd get the Europa skin tone. But lately i really like America. So that's what i got this time.
The Skins include a Make-Up and a Clean version, 8 different eyebrow tints, Lip layers, Nose layers and Hairbases.

Down here is a picture of all available skins:

You can get this Lucy skin and the Angelica skin at the Glam Affair Mainstore
Also check out the Male skins and the new Mesh hair at Tableau Vivant
Right now! :D

And click on the Pictures or check my Flickr page to get a Better view.
Blogger is an ass and is not sizing the pictures as i want to :(

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