Wednesday, October 30, 2019

How can i fly without you?

Hi Everyone!

Today i wanna show you all this new gacha outfit by ERSCH
This is a beautiful corset outfit with spiderwebs around them.
The corset that i'm wearing on the picture is the Rare item and it comes with a HUD where you can pick between a lot of corset colors and even more colors to change the webs around it.
In the gacha machine are also Bra's and Panties available in each seperate color.
All of these include a Hud where you can change the web colors too.
 You are also able to get spiderweb collars, a headband, hairpin and a crown! 
This outfit is available for Maitreya and Legacy

All of this is now available at the Gacha Garden round for November!


Head - Lelutka Cate
Hair - DOUX - Shy hairstyle (@ Dubai Event)
Tattoo - Leven Ink Tattoo - Sinful Original
Ears - .:[PUMEC] :.  - / Mesh Ears\   -   4 -POINT INDUSTRIAL
Corset - ERSCH - Araneae Gacha Corset RARE
Panties - ERSCH - Araneae Gacha Bottom -white-
Headband -  ERSCH - Araneae Gacha Headband

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Just gonna stand there and watch me Burn

Hi all!

Psycho Barbie just released this brand new body tattoo!
This one comes in Red and Black and you can pick between plain versions or the ones with occult symbols as i'm showing on this picture!
The tattoo works for Maitreya and Omega enabled bodies and you need to enable Advanced Lightning to see the shine (just like every other body shine)
You can get it now at The Summoning event which opens today at 1pm SLT! Be fast cause the event closes on November 1st already!

The collar that i'm wearing is from Spookshow and is now the prize for the Hallow Manor hunt!
The collar comes with a HUD where you can pick between 3 metal options.
This event also closes at November 1st! so run run RUUUN! 


Head - Lelutka Cate
Hair - DOUX - Brianna hairstyle
Ears - Mandala - Taper ears female

Tattoo - +Psycho Barbie+ [Ritual Sacrifice Tattoo] @ The Summoning
Collar - Spookshow - Oujia Collar @ Hallow Manor

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

When Monsters take over

Hi All!
  Just wanted to do a quick blog post to show you all some cool new halloween stuff that you can grab!
Some event stuff, some Gacha's, Freebies etc.
Full styling and SLurls are at the bottom on this post!


Head - Lelutka Cate
Hair - Little Bones -  Helena - The Light
Ears - ^^Swallow^^ Crusties Ears 2.0
Bodysuit - -Narcisse- Skelly Bodysuit - Black (@ Salem)
Glasses - +Psycho Barbie+ [Animated Horror Glasses] (@ Hallow Manor) Hunt Gift
Choker - Spookshow / Too Ghoul / Monster Collar [BLACK] (@ Hell's Gate)
Horns -  The Horror!~ La Diabla Neon Headpiece
Dead Girl - SEmotion Libellune Baby Zombie #6 (@ The Epiphany)
Monster Bear - YOKAI  - Nightmare Plush GACHA - Plush Monster (green) (@ Kustom9)
Ghost Fish - Foxwood - Ghost fish - Companion pack

Monday, October 21, 2019

Fighting my own Demons


Head - Lelutka Cate
Hair - Doux Pink Hairstyle
Tattoo - Leven Ink - Evans Unisex
Ears - Swallow - Crusties Ears 2.0
Bra & Panties - AsteroidBox. Thallo Lingerie - Black & White
[CX] x Insomnia Angel - "deadly end" door (@ The Fantasy Collective)

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Trick or Treat!

Hi All!

I just wanted to do a quick blog post and show you all these inflatable fatsuits by Horntail.
There are 17 different ones available at the Epiphany.
I think these are absolutely hilarious! so i just had to show you all, Go get them! 😂

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

My fall will be for You

Hi All!

A brand new round of the Epiphany started and it's halloween themed this time!
I went there earlier today and they have sooo much cool stuff!
However, the thing that really stood out for me was of course Cureless again with this awesome looking dress!
Their gacha machine includes a lot of items like Bodysuits, Arms, Legs, Halo's and Skeleton avatars but in this picture i'm only showing one of the Rare bodysuits and the skirt that you get after spending 1kL$ on the machine.
Go check out the event! and try not to spend too much cause.. i do :p

Full styling down here


Head - Lelutka Cate
Hair - Tableau Vivant // Demon huntress - B+W
Tattoo - Leven Ink Tattoo - Evans Unisex

Bodysuit - CURELESS[+] Anatomical Venus / M / Visceral Temple / RARE (@ Epiphany)
Dress - CURELESS[+] Anatomical Venus / M / Mors Vincit / REWARD VIP (@ Epiphany)

Del May - Spangle

Picture taken at

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Don't call me Angel

Hi Everyone!

Today i wanna show you all one of the new releases by ERSCH
They are on a roll! and released a lot of new cool stuff lately!
This lingerie set comes in 9 different colors and are rigged for Maitreya, Legacy & Belleza
and is now available at FameshedX
Make sure to check them out cause this set looks super adorable!

Then we also have STUN Poses who released 6 new single bento Gun poses.
These are now available at the Hell's Gate event!

I Also showed some of the gacha items from Spookshow in my previous post.
The Cross Bindi and also the Crystal Choker that i'm wearing in this picture are from that Gacha machine, which you can also find at the Hell's Gate event!

Life is a bit hectic at the moment but i will do my best to post as much as possible!
See you soooon! <3


Head - Lelutka Cate
Hair - Kuni - Clarissa
Tattoo - Leven Ink Tattoo - Evans Unisex
Tail - Sweet Thing. Demon Tail (Bento)

Lingerie - ERSCH - Allegra Lingerie (@ FameshedX)

Cross Bindi & Crystal Choker - Spookshow / Too Ghoul Gacha (@ Hell's Gate)
Pose & Gun - STUN - Pose Pack Collection Bento 'Krystal'  (@ Hell's Gate)
Horns - The Horror!~ La Diabla Neon Headpiece

Saturday, October 12, 2019

We're Disposable

Hi Everyone!

There is so much i wanna show you all this month but so little time!

First of all, Hell's Gate event opened yesterday! Another fashion event where you can find a lot of cool items for Halloween or crazies like me who wear this stuff all year long!
Spookshow is on this event with a gacha machine where you can get a lot of cool accessories!
In the machine you can find Glasses, different kind of Earrings, different Chokers, Piercings, Backpacks and some other items.
In this post i'm showing you the Glasses that are the Rare gacha item. They come with a HUD where you can change the color of the glasses and also change the pentagram into other things as well.
The Dead earrings that i'm wearing and the septum piercing come with Huds as well, and the choker that i'm wearing are available in different colors and words in the machine itself

The Jacket that i'm wearing is from Psycho Barbie and now up for only 50L for the Saturday sale.
Also the Jacket comes with a HUD where you can change the colors and prints on the back, and you can pick between two versions (with ot without materials)
It looks super dope and 50L$ is a STEAL!
so make sure to go grab it at the Psycho Barbie mainstore this weekend before it goes back to it's normal price!


Spookshow Gacha Items
Glasses - Spookshow / Too Ghoul / 3rd Eye Glasses [RARE}
Earrings - Spookshow / Too Ghoul / DEAD Earrings [B]
Collar - Spookshow / Too Ghoul / Monster Collar [ORANGE]
Piercing - Spookshow / Too Ghoul / Cobweb Septum

All Available at Hell's Gate Event

Head - Lelutka Cate
Hair - RunAway - Babsy Hair - Ombres & Roots
Tattoo - *Bolson / Tattoo - Vicious x Spiritmonger

Jacket - +Psycho Barbie+ [CyberPunk Jacket]
Shorts - +Psycho Barbie+ [Laced Shorts]

Dog - Armonia Decor [AD] Playful Dogs (BRUKY)
Backdrop - .:Joplino:. Backdrop GGEZ 
(I Added the Marilyn Manson pic myself so it's not on it)

Thursday, October 10, 2019

I'm Haunted

Hi All!
You have probably already seen this by now but i still wanted to do a blog post for this amazing dress!
The dress is by Cureless and is now available in different colors at The Anthem
I think it's super pretty!!
i absolutely love the shape of the gown! the chest piece is super cool and detailed and you can also choose to wear the gown without the chest part if you like.

This hair is the brand new hairstyle by Stealthic
They updated the textures on the new hairstyle and i absolutely love it!
I havent really seen how all the textures look since i Always get the Misc HUD 
(Since i wear pink most of the time)
But the ones i have seen are very nice!

Find the full styling at the bottom of this post! <3


Head - Lelutka Cate
Hair - Stealthic - Purity (Misc.)
Tattoo - Bolson / Tattoo - Vicious x Spiritmonger
Ears -  ^^Swallow^^ Crusties Ears 2.0

Dress - CURELESS[+] Hekate Set / BLACK (@ Anthem)

Body Jewels - FAKEICON / mary gems collar / black (@ Fameshed)
Hand Jewelry - L'Emporio ::*Amuletum Wicca*:: With HUD-Maitreya

BellePoses - Winona 1

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Born this Way

Hey Everyone!

A lot of events are open at this moment with a lot of cool stuff.
And when Glam Affair released this face makeup at the Black Fair i was so happy!
It's for Lelutka only, so i'm glad i have a Lelutka head and can wear this!
There are 3 different ones available but i wanted the skull face because it reminded me of 
Lady Gaga's Born this way!


Head - Lelutka Cate
Hair - Sintiklia - Hair Bahati - Colors&pastels
Tattoo - Leven Ink Tattoo - Keres Unisex
Ears - ^^Swallow^^ Crusties Ears 2.0

Face Paint - Glam Affair - Lelutka Makeup - Halloween 02 (@ Black Fair)

*COCO* Backless Tuxedo Jumpsuit Black (@ Fameshed)

Earring -  SpookShow - Ouija Hoops
Bracelet + Ring - ERSCH - Bat Hory Gacha - Bracelet R -pink (@ Lootbox)

STUN - Gianneli 5 (@ Level)

Monday, October 7, 2019

The Purge

Hi Everyone!

The Dark style event is now officially open! and i wanted to show you all this outfit by 
Psycho Barbie!
This dress comes with a lot more options that you might think!
It includes a HUD where you can change the top in different textures.
I picked the Fishnet texture but you can change it into a lot of soiled colors (with and without pasties)
And also different prints to choose from.
Also the skirt part has different texture options and you can change the chains into 3 metal colors.
I think it looks super cool! and it's very comfterable to wear when you want to chop some people up this halloween... or... any other occation of course (sorry, dark humor) 😜

You can find the full styling and links on the bottom of this post


Head - Lelutka Cate
Hair - Doux - Panayiota
Blood - Izzie's Face & Body Blood & Wounds 

+Psycho Barbie+ [Salem Outfit] (@ Dark style event)

Bloody Sickle - +Psycho Barbie+ [Halloween Goodies] (Free as Group Gift at the Maisntore)
Choker - [Yomi] Velvet Choker - Living Dead Girl

Jason - House of Wax - Jason
Backdrop - Paparazzi - BACKDROP - Salem Street
(Dead chick on the background not included)

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Once upon a Dream

Hi Everyone!
Here i am again with another Halloween themed post for you all!
However, this time it's less spooky and more of a Goth / Enchanting look.

This dress is by Ersch which is now available in their gacha machine at the Lootbox event!
The machine includes a lot of items that you can get.
Bodysuits, Shoes, Bracelets, Leg straps and two Rare items that include a texture change HUD.
Included colors are Black, Pink, Red, White, Purple and Green
If you would like to see the full picture of the items click HERE

And STUN Poses has 2 brand new Pose packs at the Level event!
You can get these poses as singles or full packs.
I'm only showing one of their poses in this post but more will follow!

Go check out Ersch at the Lootbox event and STUN Poses at Level!
Full styling is at the bottom of this post! ^_^


Head - Lelutka Cate
Hair - Sintiklia - Hair Titania - Colors&pastels
Tattoo - .Absence. Ana Tattoo
Ears - .random.Matter. - Iseul Elfie Ears

Bodysuit, Skirt, Belt, Bracelet:
Ersch - Bat Hory Gacha @ Lootbox event

Horn - -Elemental- 'Basic Unicorn Horn'
Rings - +Psycho Barbie+ [Moonstone Bento Rings]
Collar - AsteroidBox. Caelum Collar
Earrings - + 1692 + Messe Noire - Pentagram Hoops

Glitter Tears - [POUT!] Magic Tears

STUN Poses - Yotsuyu 2 - @ Level 

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Take some... You'll float Too!

Hi Everyone!

Here is my second Halloween post! and still have so much to dooo!
I absolutely love this time of the year! But what i don't like.. at all.. are clowns! lol
But Hey, If Aninatural releases something super awesome like this outfit, i'll dress up as one of these scary fuckers! ;)
They have a full gacha machine of horror looking circus items at the Lootbox event!
However, I'm only showing you guys one of the outfits since that's all i got so far ;)
This outfit comes in 4 different colors and each color has a HUD where you can change some of the parts on the outfit.

Also, If you love to dress up like a scary clown this Halloween (or for the rest of the year)
Go check out Spookshow!
They have 3 different kinds of scary face makeup packs and each pack includes 6 different color combinations to choose from
Their appliers are for Catwa and Omega and they look scary and cool as foook!

Go check them out! and find the rest of the styling at the bottom of this post <3


Head - Lelutka Cate
Hair - *booN Lab.023 hair colorful pack
Makeup - SpookShow - Clown #01
Nails -  [ Conviction ] The Claws V.2 (@ Salem)
Eyes -  [ Conviction ] Living Dead Doll
Ears - Mandala Stretched Ears season 2 Human

ANTINATURAL[+] Carnival Freaks / Clown Outfit / M / RED ( @ Lootbox)

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Would you Die Tonight for Love?

Hi All!
October started today! which means this is my favorite season of all time!
I absolutely love Halloween! especially in second life!
So much cool stuff is available now, and i can't wait to show you some of them!

First thing i want to show you is this dress by Insomnia Angel which is along with the Necklace and the Potion bottle (and a lot more that i don't have) available at Salem
The dress and the Necklace and both rares from the gacha machine and include a texture change HUD


Head - Lelutka Cate
Hair - Doux Lizy
Tattoo - Garden of Ku - Blinded Justice

Dress - Insomnia Angel . unbreakable vow - bride dress RARE (@ Salem)

Necklace - Insomnia Angel . unbreakable vow - heart necklace RARE (@ Salem)
Potion Bottle - Insomnia Angel . unbreakable vow - poison [E] (@ Salem)
Veil - ERSCH - Simple Veil