Thursday, December 26, 2013

NEW @ Truth

Hi Everyone!
I hope you're surviving these Christmas days a bit.
My RL is quite busy this month, I'm spending my time with Friends and Family this Christmas and coming New years eve, So i don't have that much time to blog. i'm sorry :(
But i have a day for myself today, so i decided to show you all these adorable new hairstyles by Truth!
The previous 2 releases got capped for me, so i didn't have the packs to show you all.
But everything went good this time, so here they are!


Hairs:  TRUTH Hair - Parvati, Ainsley & Gaia
Skin:  -Glam Affair - Kaelyn skin - America 09
Ears:  Mandala - Taper Ears (Female) - NEW
Tie:  Mandala - SMEXY TIE NECKLACE(cross)/Urushi  BLACK
Dress:  MAAI - " Latex " front lacing gown / Lolas / Black
Tattoo:   Letis Tattoo : All is Vanity 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Holidays!!

Hi Everyone!

I'm not the type who sends out Christmas cards to everyone i know, But i do wanna thank everyone who has send me one! <3
I do wanna wish you all happy holidays with this blog post!

I also wanna thank some amazing people that are in my second life!
Venus, Josie, Geemix & Brad, you all are amazing!

Thanks to all the people from the SL feed!
You all make me laugh every day <3

And a massive big thank you to all my blog followers, Flick contacts, everyone who has faved my pictures this year and everyone who supported my work!
Thanks to all the designers that have send me stuff to blog!
Truth hair, Ploom, HoD, Snatch, Dead Apples, Grasp, DRBC, R3VOLT, Corvus, Xplosion, ArisAris, Traphouse Collective & Virtual/Insanity.
And all the other designers that send me stuff individually <3


Full Outfit (Top, Skirt, Boots, Gloves, Tights, Hat):
Redgrave -  Xmas SANTA Costume LQMesh
Skin:  -Glam Affair - Kaelyn skin - America 04
Hair:  Magika [02] Forget
Ears: Schadenfreude Changeling Ears
Tattoo:  Para Designs - ::Para Designs:: Sugar Rush Sleeves
Rings:  MG - Rings - Fleur De Lis - Skull - Glass
Deer with Poses:   :: Axix :: Forest Deer

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ho Ho Ho! Under the Mistletoe

Hi Everyone!
It's almost Christmas! one more week and then we can all stuff our asses with lots of food again wile we hang out with our embarrassing family. such joy! \0/

So, i went around the grid to find some Christmas items to wear (and some not so Christmassy) and i found some pretty awesome stuff!

First thing that is my favorite, are these Cigarette Glasses by Death Row Designs, Which are not available at the Suicide Dollz event!
I laughed when i found these cause it's VERY Lady Gaga (that's why they are called Gaga glasses, doh) but it also reminded me of a friend of mine (JOSIE!) :p
These glasses are Mesh and they include two versions, one with smoke and one without.
These are awesome! but i did had to edit them a bit though, they were very big on me when i put them on and there are no resize scripts.
But they are mod so you can stretch them a bit if needed!

Also L.Warwick is at this Suicide Dollz event and they released a bunch of awesome shoes that you have to wear with the SLink feet!
I found these red shoes with Christmas lights on them and it was an instant buy!
A lot of other colors (without the lights) are available as well!

I Got the dress from E! Eclectic Apparel at FaMESHed.
This dress is also available in lots of different colors to choose from.
5 Mesh sizes are included and also a Santa Hat (which i'm not wearing)

And i'm not wearing the hat because i wanted Christmas lights in my hair!
So i got these lights from LODE at The Chapter Four.
3 different colors/versions are available.
I don't know how long any of these events last, i really suck at keeping up.
So be sure that you are quick to get any of these if you want them! :)


Skin:  -Glam Affair - Kaelyn skin - America 09
Hair:  (Chemistry) Hair - Harlie - HUD.3
Tattoo:   Letis Tattoo :: LOVE & HATE Sleeve

Dress:  e! Mrs Calus Outfit (Red) (@ FaMESHed)
Shoes:  [L.Warwick] Phestive Phantasm - Clear Platform Heels- (@ Suicide Dollz)

Glasses:   -DRD- GAGA glassses (@ Suicide Dollz)
Hair Lights:  *LODE* Headwear - Bright Lights [colorful] (@ The Chapter Four)



Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gothmas by Gaslight - Uncertain Smile

Hi All!

Today i wanna show you some other things from the Gothmas By Gaslight event!

And this time i wanna show you this outfit by Uncertain Smile which is one of the new released items at this event!

This is a full outfit that is available in 5 different colors!
It includes the mesh corset jacket, Shorts, Garters and the Boots!
The Jacket comes in 5 different mesh sizes.

Uncertain Smile also has a Mesh coat available at this event! and a couple of poses that are still in the making! so stay tuned! :D
Down here is a pic of all available colors for this outfit:

Visit the Gothmas by Gaslight event on the CURSED and SIUM Sims

Ploom is doing the "12 days of Christmas" again this year!
Meaning that they release a brand new hairstyle and a pose every day! (12 times)
Hair Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 have been released so far! so go check out the ploom Mainstore to see what new hairstyles have been added!
Today i'm showing you day # 2!


Skin:  -Glam Affair - Kaelyn skin - America 05
Hair:   .ploom. 12 Days of Christmas: Day 2


Necklace:  :{MV}: Aggy's Necklace [Silver Tarnish] Ruby

"One Christmas Night" - SilverMyst

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Glam Affair - Kaelyn

Hi Everyone!

Aida Ewing has done it again!
Kaelyn is Glam Affair's brand new full skin release and i'm in LOVE with it!
Just when i think that i'm all fine with my current glam affair skin, a new one tops it! :)
The Make up's are fabulous! i really like the range of different eyeshadows, eyeliners and lipsticks.
Also the eyebrows are very nice, i'm a fan of bitchy brows and skins that don't look so innocent. so this one is perfect! :)

Kaelyn comes with different tattoo layers to change the nose, lips, and layers to add freckles to the skin.
and 8 different eyebrow colors.
I got myself the Fatpack again since i just can't choose between these great make up's
and because i like to variate for my blog posts.
Down here is a picture with all available versions including the numbers! :)


Skin:  Glam Affair - Kaelyn America
Hair:   TRUTH HAIR Dove -  variety
Eyes:  {Dead Apples} Broken Glass Eyes
Vest:   [Cynful] + Lil'lace Fureal Vest - Black (@ F.R.O.S.T)
Ears:  [MANDALA] STEKING ears ver4

Monday, December 16, 2013

Gothmas By Gaslight - DRBC

Hellooo Everyone! :)

This years Gothmas By Gaslight started yesterday!
This event brings you two sims full of Gothic themes Christmas items from all kind of different designers.
You can find anything on this event. from Clothing to Furniture and from Accessories to Hair!

I'm one of the official bloggers for this event, and i will try to show you all as much of the pretty stuff as i can.
Of course i have other things to blog as well, and a RL that i have to keep up to.
But i will try my hardest! :)

So for my first post i decided to show you these pretty dresses by DRBC.
The dress that i'm wearing in the picture above is the exclusive dress for this event!
There are 3 different versions available.
One with a Silver/Black glittery texture, One Red version with glitters, and the Black polka dress from the picture.
5 Mesh sizes are included and a Mesh deformer as well!

The dresses from this picture above are from DRBC as well!
You can get these at the gacha machine at the Gothmas by Gaslight event!
6 Versions are in this machine and two of them are Rare!

The event has Two sims.
Cursed and Sium
Make sure to check them both! some really good designers are spread over these two sims and they all have exclusive items for you to get!


Hair:  ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Gaia Hair [4]
Skin:  Glam Affair - Lucy - America - 01
Arm Tattoo:  Letis Tattoo :: LOVE & HATE Sleeve
Chest Tattoo:  :Little Pricks: Live or Die Tattoo

Dress:  ^v^DRBC^v^ Little Angel Dress - Dotty Devil (@ GxG)
Gacha Dresses :^ ^v^DRBC^v^ Lux Mini Dresses (@ GxG)
Boots:   lassitude & ennui Wanderlust boots - black

Necklace:  *~*Illusions*~* Orinthia Puro Set
Hair Bow:  -UtopiaH- My Little Dolly Headband Raven

Eyeliner:   {S0NG} :: Catlick Eyeliners 2 ::.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Frosty Skies

Hi All!
It is sooo cold and foggy here in The Netherlands where i live, i HATE it!
I can't wait till the spring and summer are back because i hate the cold
and i will die once it will start snowing.
But i like the Virtual Winter! and the winter sims that i've been visiting lately look so pretty.
And the best thing is that we don't feel the cold in SL hahah
So i can wear short skirts wile i'm walking in the snow!

So today i wanted to show you all this super adorable little dress by Sweet Tart / DRBC.
There are a lot of different variantions with different colors and prints available.
But i just ADORE this little pink/gray dress with the skulls and roses on the top <3
The dress includes one Alpha layer and 5 Mesh sizes, it also includes a optional skull that you can add to the bow of the dress (which i didn't notice until now) lol
This is a great dress for everyone who likes some kind of Candy Goth style!
Check out the DRBC Mainstore or Marketplace to find all of the other Variations as well!

The Boots that i'm wearing are brand new Mesh boots by R3VOLT
The boots include a texture change HUD where you can pick between 15 different colors!
3 Different sizes are included and also a Ungigged version and Mesh Deformer.


Skin:   :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ EWa ] - [ Fairy Eyeliner]
Hair:   Exile - Counting Stars Wild Fusion 2
Ears:   [][]Trap[][] [ni.Ju] Short Gelf Ears Pierced
Tattoo:  [Ner .Ink] Tattoo Let's Live For Today (+ Hand Appliers)

Dress:  :sweet tart: birdie dress - skellicate
Boots:   R3VOLT - Cleora Boots [V3]

Headband:  -UtopiaH- My Spiky Faun Headband Bubblegum

Slightly Twisted

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What's Going On?

"And i say Hey-ey-ey Hey-ey-ey I said Hey! What's going on?"
Lol, that was the song that was stuck in my head when i took these pictures.
Get Out! Get Outta my head! AAARGH!

Anyway, Hiii everyone!
Here i am again, with some brand new stuff!

I picked up this hair by Tableau Vivant at Collabor88
I got both of the available hairstyles, i got the straight hair at first but then i figured that i actually liked the dreadlocks a bit more. So that's the one i'm showing you all today! :)

There is just one available pack that you can get for the dreadlock hair.
It Includes a Hud where you can change the hair to 14 hair colors and 12 colors for the Beanie.
3 different mesh sizes are included!
NOTE: Make sure to buy the right Genger pack! Since it is available for Men and Women

I also got this brand new Jacket by Pumpkin.
Which is a leather studded jacket with a fur vest over it.
This vest can be worn by Men and Women! since versions for both are inlcuded in the pack.
It also includes a HUD where you can change the color of the fur and the color of the studs.
You can pick between a few different colors for the Jacket in the store.
5 Mesh sizes for each gender are included.


Hair (+Beanie):  ~Tableau Vivant~ Dreadlow Hair - Ladies (@ C88)
Skin:  Glam Affair - Lucy - America - 04
Tattoo:  Letis Tattoo :: LOVE & HATE Sleeve

Jacket (+Vest): [Pumpkin] Fur&Leather (black)
Pants:  Overhigh - Fake Snake Pants - Brown
Boots:  Fashionably Dead - Baggy Boots - Black (@ C88)

Piercing: Hebenon Vial -  Subtle Dare [Metal] s:Thick

Muzik Isle

Monday, December 9, 2013

You Love me For Everything You Hate me For

Hi Everyone!

I had enough of the cuteness today and decided that it was time to get back to the "real" me for now hahah
That means Leather, Fishnets, Tattoo's and Rock'n'Roll!
So i have some brand new things to show you all, so here we go!

My dress is a brand new dress by Sn@tch!
It's a really lovely short striped dress with a small black bow at the front.
10 colors are included in the pack! So there's a lot to choose from.
As always you just have to purchase the right size for your avatar, and then all of these 10 striped colors are yours! :)

Corvus has released these brand new combat boots!
4 different versions are available! Black, Skulls, Dirty and Bloody.
I really like the detailed texture of these boots, they look quite realistic.
The boots are Mesh and they come in one size. They do have mod permission in case you have to edit them to make them fit, But a demo is available to try them on first!

Last Thursday i blogged one of the brand new Haus Of Darcy piercings and told you all that these would be available on Saturday.
So i just wanted to remind you all that the new piercing collection is now available!
You can find pictures of the new collection on Flickr, you can click right >>HERE<< to see them all!


Skin:  Glam Affair - Lucy - America - 12
Hair:  TuTy's ADORABLE Updo hairstyle - Red velvet
Ears:  [MANDALA] Stretched EARS-OMIMI-
Tattoo:   Letis Tattoo :: LOVE & HATE Sleeve ::  H13004 ::

Dress:   :::Sn@tch Mesh Willa Party Dress
Jacket:  +grasp+/Leather biker jacket 2012(mesh)/Black/womens
Shoes:   Corvus : Skulls Combat Boots
Tights:   *Sheer* Tights 14: Torn Stripe Black

Piercing:  - .HoD. - Dark Winged MESH Facial Piercing
Hat:   RO - Paragons Cap - Forever Black
Bracelets:   Amorous : Ave Satanas
Cigarette:  [NikotiN]    Cigarette Premium
Rings:   MG - Rings -Sleeping Beauty Heart (@ C88)

Eyeliner:  {S0NG} :: Catlick Eyeliners 2 ::.
Lipstick:  [PF] Harley Cosmetics  <Ivory> - Lipstick



Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter Elf

Hi Everyone!

This will be a very quick post to let you all know that the new round of Collabor 88 has started today!
And i just wanted to show you some of the things that are available this round.

I'm a bit busy in RL today so i will go straight to the styling now!
enjoy :)


Skin:    -Glam Affair - Mokatana skin - America 03 (@ C88)
Hair:  [LeLutka] - LIVELY hair /Light Red
Ears:   *~*Illusions*~* Fairy Ears

Coat:  The Secret Store - Sarah Dress Coat - Carmine (@ C88)
Shoes:   [AUX] Footwear - Heartbreaker  - Red (@ C88) SLink Feet Needed!
Tights:  ~Cannibelle~ Plain Ribbed Tights - Reds

Tiara:  EarthStones Fleur Tiara - Diamond Deluxe
Necklace:  Izzie's - Pinecone Jewelry (TDR Fusion)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Nightingale Sings Her Song of Farewell

Hi Everyone!

I have some super pretty new stuff to show you all today!!
I'm in some kind of fantasy mood today and i couldn't choose to go dark or cutesy.
So i mixed both for this look.

So first of all i wanna show you all this skin.
It's A fairy version of Glam Affair's Elvi skin!
6 different fantasy versions are available of this skin, and you can get them at this round of Kustom 9
The skin includes 5 different Eyebrow colors and Appliers for SLink Hands, Feet, Lola tango breasts and for Phat ass as well.

The Piercings that i'm wearing are brand new ones from Haus Of Darcy!
These piercings are some of the brand new winter collection that is coming!
Yes i said "Is coming" because these will be released on Saturday December 7th!
HoD will be releasing all kind of new Piercings coming Saturday!
Some simple ones, Some more complicated Some extreme ones, and even piercings for Phat Ass

HoD will also be celebrating the opening of their new store build!
They will have a Sale on older sculpted piercings and will be marked down to 50L$!
So write this in your agenda's! ;)


Skin:  -Glam Affair - Elvi - Fairy 06 (@ Kustom 9)
Hair:   ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Bella V3 Hair [3]
Ears:  [][]Trap[][] [ni.Ju] Short Gelf Ears Pierced
Eyes:  {D.A} Shattered Eyes - Blind

Dress:   *{Junbug}* Kashka Candy Bird
Jacket:  Compulsion 'Elise' White (@ FaMESHed)

Face Piercing:  .HoD. - Dark Winged MESH Facial Piercing (Release December 7th)
Chest Piercing:  HoD. - Ghosts Astray MESH Chest Dermals - Slide (Release December 7th)

The Trace

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Snow can Wait, I Forgot my Mittens

Hi All!
Today i'm back to show you all some new stuff!

I went to the new round of The Arcade and i picked up this amazing looking dress (+Hair) from Exile.
I think it's a super cute idea to make a dress + hair like this!
Both are changeable by two different HUDS.
You can get all the available hair packs from Exile in the Gacha machine!
Every hair pack includes the same Huds to change the dress.
The dress HUD includes 10 different colors to choose from, and the hair HUD depends on which pack you got.
I got the Natural Fusion pack which includes 15 different hair textures.

Down here is a picture of some of the possibilities with this hair and dress.

The Boots that i'm wearing is a brand new release by R3VOLT!
They include 3 different Mesh sizes, One alpha layer and a HUD where you can change the textures as well.
15 available textures are in the HUD.
All textures are very bright, fun and colorful!


Skin + Freckles:  -Glam Affair - Gemma 01 (@ The Arcade)

Dress + Hair:  Exile ::First Snow: 12.Natural Fusion (@ The Arcade)
Boots:   [R3] Rio Boots [V1]
Tights: Izzie's - Sheer Tights (Basics) medium beige

Basket:  {what next} Portobello Basket Pose Prop Set

Samurai City (My Sim)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

NEW - grasp & Taketomi

Hi Everyone!

Today i have another brand new release to show you all from +grasp+ and a new release
from Taketomi as well!

+grasp+ Just released these brand new Leather jackets with shirt!
Just like the new leggings in my last blog post, these jackets are Liquid Mesh!
They come with a HUD where you can change the texture of the shirt and you can pick between 25 Textures!
You can pick between Black, Purple, Red, Brown and Navy!
The Silver version is a extra color that you only get when you purchase the Fatpack!
Male and Female versions of the jackets are available.
There is also a logo included that you can add to the back of your jacket, and you can add your own logo if you are good with Photoshop.

The hair with the beanie that i'm wearing is one of the new releases from Taketomi.
Two different versions are included (A normal one, and one to wear with bigger breasts)
The hair also includes a HUD where you can change the beanie up to 20 different textures.


Hair:   [taketomi] Rika Nurie [Karafuru/Neon/Pastel]
Skin:  -Belleza- Mya Med 9

Jacket + Shirt:  +grasp+/Quilted Leather Jacket(LQ)/FATPACK/Womens
Leggings:   :FANATIK: Printed leggings Giraffe
Shoes:   [Gos] Bordello - Bonnie - Black

Extra Eyeliner:  MONS / Makeups - Eyeshadow Sunny2 - Yellow

Rings:   MG - Rings - Fleur De Lis - Skull - Glass

Onyx Isle

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Last Train Home

Hi Everyone!

Today i have some new awesome stuff to show you all!
One new release by Gizza and also a new release from +grasp+

The Jacket that i'm wearing is the new release from Gizza!
This Mesh jacket comes with a HUD where you can change the texture of the jacket and the shirt.
Each part has 4 colors to choose from.
Two versions are available! Soil & Solid (Solid is shown in this post)
Solid includes Black, Red, Gray and Blue wile Soil has Green, Pink, Brown and Orange
The shoulder parts are optional, so you can add them to the jacket or wear the jacket without them.
(Thanks Auster & Giz!)

Down here is a picture of all possible colors:

+grasp+ released these brand new Mesh Skinny Jeans.
These are Liquid Mesh!
5 different colors are available and come with a brown leather belt that you can add to the jeans.
You will get a extra color (the silver one) once you get the Fatpack! so this one is not sold separately.
All these jeans are available for men and women sizes, make sure to try a demo before you buy anything. 


Skin:  Glam Affair - Lucy - America - 01
Hair:  Discord Designs - Bobbi - Intense Unnaturals
Ears:  [MANDALA] Steking EARS
Tattoo:  ..:Freaks & Geeks:.. M.O.E HD tattoo

Jacket:  GizzA - Dropped Collar Jacket [Solid]
Jeans:   +grasp+/Leather skinny pants(LQ)/FATPACK/Womens
Boots:  [whatever] Ugg boots - black

Eyeshadow:  {D.A} Ose Eyeshadows - Gold


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sad Panda

Hi Everyone!
I have some cuuute things to show you all today!
I wanted to go for a Goth look that still looked quite adorable at the same time.

I based it around these sneakers that i got at Shoetopia from XIAJ
These sneakers are available in all kind of different colors. The panda's were my favorite!
The sneakers are Mesh and are resizeable with a script if needed.
Only one size is included along with a alpha layer to hide your feet.

I also went to Suicidal Unborn today to check out their new dresses.
These cute little dresses are all available in black, and all have a different print on them.
I noticed this Panda print and thought that it would look great with the XIAJ sneakers!
The dress comes in 5 mesh sizes and two alpha layers.

I also went to the Suicide Dollz event to pick up some stuff.
This event has been going on for a wile already have i have no idea when it will end, So make sure to check it out on time!
The socks that i'm wearing are from Suicidal Unborn as well and are available at this event.
They come as normal system socks and as Phat ass appliers ass well. I still hate the phat ass (sorry) so i'm not showing it with off as the appliers.
I'm wearing the socks with skull print, but there are a lot more available!

The headband with the Black skull bow is from UtopiaH and is also available at this event.
Different colors to choose from are available!


Hair:  Magika [01] Sudden
Skin:  Glam Affair - Lucy - America - 12

Dress:   -SU!- Alice Dress #07
Socks:   -SU!- Rebel Socks #05  (@ SD)
Tights:  *Sheer* Tights 14: Torn Stripe Black
Shoes:  / XIAJ x Tyler Park / Panda Bear Sneakers (@ Shoetopia)

Lipstick:  [PF] INK Lipstick/LipGloss

Elephant Bag:  / XIAJ / Elephant Bags (@ Gacha Machine)
Bracelet:   [SP] Spike Button Bands black
Rings:  MG - Rings - Dream Angel Skull Ring
Hair Bow:  -UtopiaH- My Little Dolly Headband Raven (@ SD)

A Junkyard - Vodou

Monday, November 25, 2013

Pretty in Pink

Hi All!

Today i have some pretty pink things to show you all!

And i wanna start off with the dress!
This very classy and sophisticated dress is by Girl Thursday and is now available at 
My Attic!
You can get the dress in all kind of different colors and it is for sale for less than 100L$!
Everything you see (the white shirt, black tie and the pink split dress) are all one piece.
The dress includes 5 Mesh sizes, 2 Different versions (with and without tie), A prim tie that you can add to the dress, and also a HUD to apply to your Lola tango breasts.

I Used the hair that i'm wearing in my profile picture that i posted on Flickr, and i didn't credit anything on there. I got some IMs from girls that wanted to know where i got it from, So i decided to use the hair in this look of the day as well.
The hair is by Chemistry, and it's a brand new release!
I really like this hair and i have been wearing it quite a lot since i got it
(well, a lot for me, since i change 2/3 times a day)
You can pick between 3 different packs that all have a lot of different textures in the HUD.
I picked #3 which only has bright crazy colors in it.
Down here is a small selection of textures that you can pick:


Hair:  (Chemistry) Hair - Harlie - HUD.3
Skin:  Glam Affair - Lucy - America - 04

Dress: [GT] Belted pencil dress - Pink (@ My Attic)
Tights:  ~Cannibelle~ Dinky Dots Tights with SLink Appliers
Shoes:   [L.Warwick] Luscious -Platform Heels- Candy (@ Shoetopia) (Needs SLink Feet to Work!)

Eyebrows:  Glam Affair - Margot Brows 03 ( Pink )
Eyeliner:  THESKINSHOP (06) (EYESHADOW) 'Vixen' (Onyx)

Glasses Necklace:   MG - SunGlasses - Positano Parasol - 60's Classic
Bangles:   ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Hoop Mesh Bracelets

Bonne Chance