Thursday, August 21, 2014


Woot! My first blog post since my return to SL!

I've been missing so much releases these past 7 months and the stuff that i'm gonna show u today isn't really new.
But it's new to me!
As you know, i've been a fan of Sn@tch since i joined SL so it was one of the first stores that i checked out again after i got back to SL.
I have some kind of fetish for skeleton prints lol and i found these mesh dresses that made me cream my panties! (well, ya know what i mean)
These have been released in March, but i don't care! i love them!
8 different colors are included! all you have to do it buy the right size for your avatar.

The gloves that i'm wearing are also by Sn@tch and come with SLink hand appliers.
They include 10 colors and two included rings and are for sale for less than 100L$! YAY!
You can find the gloves at the SLink West Sim

Also, Everyone probably knows that kind of hair whore i am.
And i always love to discover new hair stores (if they are good)
It was also on the first day that i discovered this store called Spellbound!
I was screamingggggg!!! soooo much cute hair!
super super super adorable! and the store has some kind of Witchy theme which I LOVE!
I tried every single demo in the store, and i found it so hard to pick a hairstyle!
Normally i would just get them all but since i can't spend that much money anymore, i had to pick a favorite.
So i got "Nahara" in the "Unnatural Ombres & Dips" pack
OMG love it so much!

That's about it for now.
Enjoy your shopping and i'll see ya next time! <3


Hair:  +Spellbound+ Nahara // Unnatural Ombres & Dips
Skin:   .Birdy. Delilah Skin ~Pure~
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Sorrow Eyes - Groupgift!
Tattoo:   Letis Tattoo :: Illuminati Combination :: FULL13003
Bloody knees:  -SU!- Bloody Knees 02

Dress:  :::Sn@tch Mesh Undead Bodycon Dress-All Colors
Gloves + Ring:  :::Sn@tch Basic Latex Gloves/All Colors::: (@ SLink West)
Shoes:   .tsg. Bubbles Heels v2 - White - SLINK High

Eyeshadow:  {Dead Apples} Ose Eyeshadows Pack
Lips:  [PF] Glossy Pout Lipsticks <Pinks>

Port Of Deception

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I'm Back!... Well... Kinda

Hi All!

I have been gone from SL for like 7 months or so to take care of my Real life.
I didn't think i would be back to SL because a few problems that i had. but there have been people on SL that i really missed, so i decided to return (I'm like herpes, can't get rid of it)
However, i won't be online as much anymore and i won't be blogging as much.
I really love SL fashion, i love to keep everyone up to date, love to take pics and i love the responses that i get from people.
But i've spend way too much money on SL in the past and that just has to change, i simply can't anymore.
I do wanna apologize to all sponsors that i had/have for not posting anything these last 7 months.
But well, RL always comes first ya know..

I don't have any new blogging plans so i don't know what i will and won't be blogging in the future, so we'll just have to see i guess.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that i'm back and that more posts will come.
Thank you, xoxo

Here's the styling of my new profile pic:

Hair:  Magika [02] Dreamy
Skin:  .Birdy. Delilah Skin ~Pure~
Eyes:  Clemmm - The Whites

Eyeshadow:  -Glam Affair - Prezioso Eyes Makeup - 05
Lips:  [PF] Harley Sheer Gloss <Ivory> - Baby Pink (mouth)

Piercing 1:   .HoD. - Scorpio's Simplicity Piercing
Piercing 2:   . a i s l i n g . NoseChains (free)
Earrings:   .random.Matter. - Abaddon Earrings - Black
Tiara:   -UtopiaH- My Peaked Tiara [Raven&Thistle]

*X*plosion Dirty Dress (Black)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Say Something I'm Giving up on You

Hi All!

I actually don't feel like typing a lot at the moment. I had a great night last night with a couple of drinks, cool people and not that much sleep lol.
So i'm kinda "Meh" right now.

But i had these pictures and the styling ready to blog today so i still feel like i have to do it anyway.

Today i wanna show you all this beautiful dress from House of Fox
Which is now available in different colors to choose from at Collabor88!
I really like the shape of the dress! and the fact that is has only one sleeve. makes it look really sexy ;)
Also the texturing looks great!
The dress comes in 5 mesh sizes and a demo is available!

I also wanna show you all this hairstyle by Lelutka
Which you can wear as two styles!
The hair itself is a long hairstyle that is shaved on one side, but side parts are included as well so you can add them to the hair.
Down here are a few examples:

And i also wanna give extra attention to this cool new skin that i got from Glam Affair!
Which is one of the skins that is now available at the Cosmetic Fair
Different really pretty make-ups are available to choose from!


Skin:  Glam Affair - Mokatana - Artic 06 (@ Cosmetic Fair)
Hair:   [LeLutka] - NEU hair / Fades Natural
Hairbase:  KMADD Hairbase ~ Zebra
Tattoo:  Letis Tattoo :: Grumuim ::  H12004

Dress:  Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Victoria Dress[Onyx] (@ C88)
Shoes:   N-core COQUETTE Platform

Earrings:   erratic / hoop earrings / silver
Bracelet:   (epoque.s) Abrasive Cuff - Silver

Gates of Destiny

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sweet Seduction

Hi Everyone!

Today i was just randomly looking at stuff on the Marketplace to see if i could find anything cute.
And i stumbled on this Dress by Tuty's
It seems to be their newest release, but i'm not that sure?
I found the dress in this baby pink + white color and it was an instant buy!
The Dress includes a HUD where you can pick between A White and a Black shirt.
The other color is the one that you have to pick in the store. There are 6 different colors available.

Also new is the hair that i'm wearing, which is a brand new style from CaTwA
You get the Hairbase + the Ponytail which you can bot retexture separately with the includes HUDs that you picked in the store (both include standard and ombre colors)

I got pack #4 because i wanted the pink textures that are in it.
Down here are a few more examples of colors that are in that HUD:


Hair:   ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Nancy Hair [4]
Skin:  -Glam Affair - Kealyn skin - America Clean
Ears:  [MANDALA] TAPER EARS (Female)

Dress:  TuTy's.Two Latex pencil mesh dresses - PINK
Shoes:   REDGRAVE ! Shoes DONNA - 12colors

Headband:  -UtopiaH- My Cute Angelic Headband - Snow

Lips: [PF] Harley Cosmetics  <Ivory> - Sheer Gloss

Srs Corp. Main Store

Monday, January 13, 2014

Truth Release - January 10

Hi Everyone!

Truth released 4 brand new hairstyles last Friday!
I wanted to do this post yesterday, but something in RL interrupted wile i was editing my pictures 

So yeah, i don't have to say much else about it :)
Down here are all the hairstyles in different hair textures.


Hair: TRUTH Hair - Yelena, Coral 2, Luella & Snow
Skin:  -Glam Affair - Elvi - America - 08
Dress:  [R3] Anna Dress [V1]

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Till I Become Stardust...

Hi Everyone! :)

Today i wanted to blog a cute but yet Cyber looking outfit, so i went around SL to pick up some new stuff and combined it with stuff that i already had.

One of the new things that i got is this dress by R2
Which is now available at Collabor88!
This dress is available in Black & White/Silver and have other colors added to it.
It includes 5 Mesh sizes and 2 Alpha layers, and Demo is available at C88.

Another new item is this ADORABLE hairstyle by Elikatira!
[E] released 3 brand new hairstyles, but this one is by far my Favorite!
Lots of hair packs are available, But i got myself the Pinks/Purples
And showing you some of those textures down here:


Hair:   [E] - Leighann - Sunset Colours
Skin:  Glam Affair - Kaelyn skin - America 09
Tattoo:   Para Designs - Sugar Rush Sleeves

Dress:  r2 A/D/E uruwa [black] (@ C88)
Boots:  Epic - Mesh Neo Mega Stompers {Coal}
Fishnets:  erratic / fishnet wide / hotpink
Gloves:   [Belgravia] - Jessamine Gloves - Nero Leather

Headphones:  Mandala - Eargasm Headphones (Unisex)
Bubblegum: Pink Fuel - Yum Bubblegum!
Wings:  Pink Fuel - Chibi WIngs



Thursday, January 9, 2014

Zero Gravity

Hi Everyone!

I did some more shopping at Collabor88 today to get more of all the pretty stuff that is available there!
I really like this round of the event. so much cuteness! but my wallet doesn't like it so much cause i keep spending!
Oh well.

First thing that i wanna show you is this beautiful new dress by Junbug!
I really really like this gown! it was one of the first things that i wanted to get when i seen the
pictures on flickr.
The dress is available in a few different colors and they all look beautiful!
The dress includes 5 mesh sizes and two alpha layers.
You can get the dress at C88 for only 188L$

The mask i'm wearing is from Katatonik and it's available at C88 as well!
It includes 3 versions. One standard version, One with bows on it, and one with a handle that you wear in your hands.
Also the mask is available in different colors!

The Hair (plus Roses and Head Jewel) is not available at C88, But it's a new style from Calico
Which is now available at their mainstore!
This hairstyle has a lot of options.
It includes a HUD where you can fully customize the Roses, Twigs, Leafs and the Jewel.
You also have the option to wear the hair with or without dreadlocks.
I turned the dreadlocks off on this picture, because i prefer the style without them.
But also the dreadlocks can be changed into different textures though the HUD.

I Got the whites pack, so it only has white shades in it. which is not that interesting to show you all.
However, you do have the option to Tint the hair if you would like that!
But i don't, so that's why i'm only showing you some of the other options instead of different hair textures.


Hair:   *Calico* Eira - Whites
Skin:  -Glam Affair - Kaelyn skin - America 06

Dress:   *{Junbug}* Instant Crush in Pearl (@ C88)

Mask:   *katat0nik* (wedding) Missing You Masks (@ C88)
Necklace:  MG - Necklace - Knotted Shimmer Pearls (@ C88)



Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Somebody Mixed my Medicine

Hi Everyone!
A new round of Collabor88 opened today!
And i had to fight to get in.. and stay in as well, since my Nvidia card crashed twice wile i was there *ugh*

So i was able to catch a few things that i wanted.
Even though i've seen so much that i wanted! but i will blog that later.
Now i have two new items to show you that are available at C88

First of all, This brand new hairstyle by Lamb!
Lamb has 3 hair styles available at C88, and all 3 are really adorable!
The one that i'm wearing today is my personal favorite of the 3 styles.
I don't have much hair with a hat, other than beanies.
So it's nice for a change :)
This style is also available without the Hat

I always find it hard to pick a hair color pack since i like a lot of them, and i change hair colors in RL every day. But i picked the Macaron pack this time, which includes 4 different colors.

The Cardigan + Top that i am wearing is a brand new one from Auxiliary!
You can pick a color for the Cardigan when you purchase the item.
And then you get the top included + a texture change HUD where you can change the top to 12 Textures!
You are also able to wear the Cardigan without the Top if you prefer.
Down here is a pic with 8 of the 12 Textures that are on the HUD.


Hair:   !lamb. Long Snake Moan (Mesh) - Macaron Pack @ C88
Skin:   :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ EWa ] - [ Fairy Eyeliner]
Cardigan + Top:  [Aux] Loose Cardi & Top - Black @ C88
Shorts:  (Milk Motion) vintage denim shorts - grey usflag
Shoes:  Corvus : Bloody Combat Boots
Stockings:  *Sheer* Stockings 26: Torn Semi-Opaque Black

Necklace:  KOSH - AVAIN NECKLACE -pewter-



Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Do What you Want with My Body

Hi All!
It has been ages again! My RL was pretty busy with the holidays.
Been gone for a wile to visit some friends and did some other stuff as well.
But life is back to normal again, so this will be my first post for 2014!

Today i wanna show you all some brand new stuff that i got.

First, this brand new outfit by Gizza.
This one is right up my street! Leather, spikes, and a lot of sexyness!
This is a complete outfit that includes a Mesh Corset, Mesh Shorts,
Shoes (not shown) and Arm spikes (not shows either)
5 Mesh sizes are included and a demo is available at the store.

You can get this outfit in 4 different colors.
Black, White, Pink and Red

Also Lelutka released some new things!
2 brand new hairstyles are now available at the store, and today i'm showing you one of the two.
It's a long wavy hairstyle that looks super hot!
This "new" hair (that's what it's named) includes 3 different mesh sizes.
Lots of hair texture packs are available at the store.
I got the Naturals pack, so i could show you the hair in all kind of different colors down here:

And as you can see (or not) i did some changes to the editing of my pictures.
Ya like it? or not? :D


Hair:   LeLutka - NEW hair/Naturals
Skin:  Glam Affair - Kaelyn skin - America 09
Tattoo:   Letis Tattoo :: LOVE & HATE Sleeve ::

Outfit:   GizzA - Self-Defense [Black]
Boots:  BAX Regency Boots Black Leather
Stockings:  erratic / fishnet wide / black

Neck Bow:  Swallow - Papillon - Black and Bordeaux (@ TDRF)

Sinners Heaven