Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jar Of Hearts...

Hi All..
I'm sorry that i haven't been blogging in the past few days, But.. i haven't been feeling so well..
Today i just wanted to do this picture, and give you all the styling for it.
Here it is.


Skin:  [PF] Harley <Ivory> - FATPACK
Hair:  [LeLutka]-BOUFFANT hair / Light Grayscale

Dress:  MAAI - " Minni " mesh gown / Lolas / White

Runny Mascara:   :Little Pricks: Dirty Tears Tattoo

Wings:  *~*Illusions*~* Angel Wings
Jar + Poses:   aDORKable Poses: Jar of Hearts

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Love Donna Flora

Hi Everyone!

The "Love Donna Flora" event opened it's doors to the public today!
This event is a Fundraiser for Squinternet Larnia who is one of the most talented jewelry designers in
Second life.
Unfortunately she is dealing with Cancer right now and this event is raising money so she can pay for the Therapies and Nursing that she needs.
More about Squinternet's story can be found HERE 
A lot of amazing designers decided to help out and released new stuff for this event to raise the money.
It's always amazing to see how designers help each other out in times like this.

I picked a few of my Favorite items of the event to show you all in this post.

The Skin that i'm wearing is one of the 3 new Lulu skins by Glam Affair.
These 3 skins are released in the Artic skin tone and are available with 3 different make-ups.
I really love the Rainbow eyeshadow in this one!

The Dress i'm wearing is one of the 4 new dresses by LpD.
The dress comes in 4 mesh sizes and also included a Neck piece (that i'm not wearing on the picture)

These Butterfly poses by Uncertain Smile are also available at the event!
These are cuuute! Isabelli is doing a amazing Job on her poses!
The pack includes 3 different poses and 4 different butterfly props (the one with the ball/bubble comes as a normal and a light version)

Go check out the event!
a lot more amazing designers are there! and the money you spend is going to a great fund <3


Skin:  Glam Affair - Lulu - Artic - 03  (@ Love Donna Flora)
Hair + Crown:  [LeLutka] - ALVINA hair / Naturals (@ Hair Fair)
Ears:  *~*Illusions*~* Fairy Ears:

Dress:  *LpD* - *TheDay* Maxidress Sand (Mesh - 4 Sizes) (@ Love Donna Flora)

Necklace:  Donna Flora AIME set + HUD
Poses + Butterflies:  UNCERTAIN SMILE - BUTTERFLIES SET (@ Love Donna Flora)

Pictures Taken @:  BCC

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Catnip Kitty

Hi All!

Today i wanna show you something different.
Normally i don't blog about places and store buildings. But today i do!
XIAJ opened their brand new store building, and i really wanted to see what the owner did with the new place since XIAJ is one of my sponsors <3
I have to say that i'm really amazed how super cool the new mainstore looks!
Everything looks like a underground metro station and everything is mesh as well.
You have to click the metro to bring up a menu where you can switch between places to teleport.
You can choose between the: New Items area, Male Area, Female Area, accessories area and some more!
This place is really worth a check, even if you are not planning to go shopping there.

BUT, i do recommend to check out the Fashion at the XIAJ store.
Today i'm wearing two of my favorite items from the store.
This super cute Cat Sweater is one of them.
It comes in 3 colors to choose from. Each includes 5 mesh sizes, and the option to wear cat ears on the shoulders as well.
This sweater is also available for men!

And the Mini skirt that i'm wearing is from XIAJ as well.
There are different mini skirts available with different colors and prints.
So go go go! and enjoy your shopping!


Skin:  Glam Affair - Cleo - Europa - 10
Hair:  !lamb. Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (Mesh) - ROYGBIV Pack
Tail:  {Lemon Tea} Somali Neko Tail
Eyes:  IKON Ascension Eyes - Black

Sweater:   / XIAJ / Black M-Cat Sweater
Skirt:  / XIAJ / Youth Mini Skirt
Shoes:   .:: deeR ::. * MESH higher vulcan shoes [Multi-Texture]

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Can't Nobody Hold us Down

Hi All!

Taketomi released two new hairstyles, and one of the styles is Park Bom hair.
Now.. let me tell you that i am OBSESSED with 2NE1 and that Park Bom is my favorite member.
So i kinda screamed when i found out about this new hair.
I buy EVERYTHING that reminds me of them! so i just HAD to get this style <3

The Dress that i'm wearing is the Tania Dress by R3VOLT.
It's a super cute mini dress that incudes a HUD where you can pick between 15 different textures.
You can wear this dress with the Lola Mesh Breasts and the HUD has 7 different textures in it to change the appliers as well.
(i'm showing it without the Lola's)
I picked 6 of the 15 dress textures to show you all down here:


Hair:  [taketomi] - Bom - Reds
Skin:  JM:Mai skin - hyoni 2
Eyes:   .ID. Ultimate Eye Set: Browns

Dress:  [R3] - Tania Dress [V3]
Shoes:  2Real F-WINGS SHOES

Necklace:  MG - Necklace -Juicy Love Lips
Microphone:  aDORKable Poses: Pop Star
Poses By:   ZZANG 


Monday, July 22, 2013

Where all my Bad Girls At!?

Hi All!
I have some really really cool new stuff to show you all today!

First i wanna start with these new tops by Sn@tch
These are probably the coolest mesh tops that i got in a while!
The tops are very colorful and have these comic prints on them. i want more stuff like this! <3
You will get all the colors if you buy the right size for your avatar, so you will have to try the demos at the mainstore first.
It includes 8 different colors and each has it's own print.

Down here are all included colors and prints:

The Piercing that i'm wearing is a new one from .HoD.
This piercing is now available at the Gallery Gift Shop!
The Gallery Gift shop has a Anniversary celebration going on which will last for a month!
The Piercing includes 2 metals (Frost and Silent Rage) and it has different versions included.
Versions with the feather and without the feather.
HoD VIP Members can get a 50L gift card at the mainstore that they can use at the Gallery Gift shop, or on any other HoD product in the mainstore!
This gift card is available for existing and new Vip members till 31st of July!
You can find this in a Silver bag at the HoD mainstore next to all the other Vip member products.


Skin:  -Glam Affair - Katya - America 02 (@ The Boutique)
Hair:  Discord Designs - Cosima - Intense Unnaturals (@ Hair Fair)
Eyes:  {D.A} Sinistre Eyes - Pink Shades Edition - Pain
Ears:  [MANDALA] Stretched EARS -OMIMI-
Tattoo:  ::Para Designs:: Pink Rock Tattoo

Top:   :::Sn@tch Mesh Pop Violence Bustier - All Colors (Med):::
Pants:  *X*plosion X* Cross Female Pants Straight (Punk)

Piercing:   .HoD. - The Crux Piercing Collection - TGGS Edition
Bracelets:   MG - Bangles - Ramona 77 Leather Studded

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Hi Everyone!

It's actually way too hot to stay inside today, but the sun outside is killing me!
I been out for a few hours to do some stuff and i got an instant tan as soon as i opened the door lol
Anyway, i couldn't even stand to see my Avatar fully clothed in SL. so it's Bikini Time!

The Bikini that i'm wearing is a new one from ColdLogic.
The top and bottom come in 5 mesh sizes, and it includes 3 alpha layers so you can wear only the top or only the bottom as well.
This bikini comes in 4 or 5 different colors, and more new bikini styles are available in the mainstore!

Also something new that i wanted to show you all is this Hair by Catwa.
Catwa did some changed to the hair texture palette which is really like!
You can choose between 3 different packs. Each pack gives you 2 HUDS (Naturals and Ombre)
Each HUD has 32 different textures to choose from, so there are a lot of variations possible!

Down here is just a small impression of that the hair looks like in different textures:


Hair:  ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh TNT Hair [1]
Skin:  Glam Affair - Amberly - Europa 03
Tattoo:  [Sleepy Bozer]  Sugar & Spice

Bikini:   coldLogic bikini - lake.onyx

Glasses:   MG - SunGlasses - Positano Parasol - 60's Classic
Earrings:  erratic / studded earrings / FATPACK (8 colors)

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Hi All!
A brand new round of The Boutique started and i picked up some of my favorite items
to show you all in this look.

I really like Leopard print clothing, so this dress from Rebel Hope was the first thing that caught my attention.
Rebel hope released this dress in all kind of Animal prints to choose from.
Leopards, Tiger, Zebra, Giraffe and more! there are 10 different prints to pick.
The dress comes in 5 different standard sizes and a demo is available to try it on first.

Glam Affair is also at the Boutique with this brand new Katya skin.
The skin is available in America skin tone and there are 6 different make-ups to choose from.
The skins include 7 different eyebrow colors and also include a tattoo layer to change the lip gloss.

A lot more designers are at The Boutique and have some very pretty things out!
So go check it out :D


Skin:  Glam Affair - Katya - America 02  (@ The Boutique)
Hair:  TRUTH HAIR - Aria - Blondes04
Tattoo:  Ink'D Up! :Blessed:
Eyes:  IKON Ascension Eyes - Industrial

Dress:  !Rebel Hope - Sahara Mesh Dress Cheeta  (@ The Boutique)
Shoes:   [Gos] Boutique - Lauren d'Orsay - Ruby

Bracelets:  MG - Bracelets and Earrings - Tarentella gypsy Dancer

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hair Fair - Ploom

Hi All!

Ploom has these 4 super adorable hairstyles at the Hair Fair!
All of the long hair styles include smaller and bigger versions, and versions that you can wear
with bigger breasts. The lower right hairstyle (Cassie) includes 2 versions with different bangs.
All the styles are available in different hair texture HUDS as always.

The skin that i'm wearing is a skin by JM:MAI
I think it looks super super cute!
I'm not sure if i will wear this as my regular skin yet, since i still prefer Glam Affair on my avatar.
But i will definitely wear this one a lot with my "cutesy" looks. <3

Down here is the full styling:

Hair: Raichu, Mindy, Billie & Cassy By Ploom ( Tp to Ploom on Hair Fair )
Skin:   JM:Mai skin - Hyoni 2
Eyes:  IKON Vanity Eyes - Brown
Bikini:  *CS* MESH String Bikini w/ Hud 50 Designs

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hair Fair Faves #3

Hi Everyone!

Here is part 3 of my Hair Fair Favorites!
Enjoy! :D

#1 - Alice Project - Mika
Teleport to Alice Project

#2 - D!VA - Mana
Teleport To: D!VA

#3 - Auxiliary - CutiePie
Natural Pack
Teleport To: Auxiliary

Monday, July 15, 2013

Hair Fair Faves #2


Today i'm back with more of my favorite hairstyles from the Hair Fair!
But first of all, i wanna show you all these Tanktops by Traphouse Collective
These are available in 12 Different prints andI picked my personal 3 faves to use in this picture.
The Grumpy cat is just EPIC! lol

So here are 3 more of my favorite hair styles from the fair <333

#1 - LAMB - True Faith
Bloods Pack
Teleport To:  LAMB

#2 - Tableau Vivant - Boccaccio 
Equinox Pack
Teleport To: Tableau Vivant

#3 - Tableau Vivant - Teichmann    (Loulou!! <3) 
Fall Pack
Teleport To: Tableau Vivant

Other Styling:

Tanktops:  TRAPHOUSE COLLECTIVE - Girl Tanks
Lipsticks:   [PF] Glossy Pout  Lipsticks - <Bright>
Tattoo:  - BlackFeet - To the ends of the Earth

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hair Fair Faves #1

HI Everyone!

Hair Fair started! Which always makes me very very very excited!
Hair fair is the time when i always go totally broke because i'm such a hair addict.
Yesterday i made my round though the 4 hair fair sims and i got all the hair that i wanted in one day.
I probably spend between 6000 and 8000 linden on hair lol
I will blog all my favorite hairstyles that i got at the fair this week!
And here are the first 3!  Enjoy!

#1 ROSY MOOD - Honey Dipper
Red Set
Teleport to: ROSY MOOD

#2 TRAM - C601
Maroon & Darksalmon
Teleport To: TRAM

#3 LaViere / Tee*fy  - Nadine
Reds Pack
Teleport To:  LAVIERE / Tee*fy

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me! :D

YAY! today is my RL Birthday!
So i had a good reason to dress up like a princess for today and i'm here to do a quick post about the look.
Down here is the styling:


Hair:  TRUTH HAIR Genesis (NEW)
Skin:  Glam Affair - Amberly - Europa 10

Dress:  *LpD* - *Giglio* Dress Pink
Shoes:  Violent Seduction - Tacky (Pink)

Tiara:  EarthStones Fleur Tiara - Diamond Deluxe 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Touch me over here, Touch me over there

Hi All!
I am a very busy girl today, so it will be a quick post.
What i wanted to show you today are these new Leopard shorts by Sn@tch
The good thing about these shorts is that it's totally FREE!
Snatch is in the Dark Katz Hunt and a full pack of these shorts are their hunt item.
You will get all mesh sizes and 8 different colors!
Gold (shown on picture) Aqua, Black, Blue, Lime, Pink, Purple and Red!
all you have to do is go to the Snatch mainstore, and find that bastard kitty! :D  (i'm not saying where it is, but Ivey didn't make it hard to find)

I also wanna show you this denim vest by Fashionably dead which is now for sale at Collabor88!
It's mesh and comes in 2 versions (gold and silver) and each includes 5 sizes.
A lot of different colors and prints are available!


Skin:  Glam Affair - Lulu ( America ) 02  (@ C88)
Hair:  Magika [03] Honest

Shorts:  Sn@tch Felie Leopard Shorts  (Free - Dark Katz Hunt)
Shirt:  ::DirtyMind:: Currency Ripped Tank
Vest:  (fd) Denim Vest - Gray Ombre  (@ C88)
Shoes:   \/\Cult of Belgar\/\ Spiked Black Platform Sneakers

Cuffs:  erratic / cuffs / gold
Earrings:  erratic / hoop earrings / gold

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

NEW - XIAJ, Essences, DRBC and Mandala

Hi Everyone!

Today i have a lot of News to show you!

Starring with this outfit from XIAJ! This outfit is now available at the She & Him Event!  The Slayher top is Mesh and comes with 5 different sizes. The under shirt is also included and comes as a shirt layer (not mesh)
The Skirt is Mesh and includes 5 sizes as well.
XIAJ also has a male outfit available at the She & Him event and a lot of other designers have new items up as well!

The Skin is one of the 3 new skins by Essences which are now available at Collabor88!

DRBC just relesed these bad ass new boots!
They look totally different than what you would normally see. which i like!
The heels are crazy and the tips of the shoes are metal and pointy, i should totally pay my Ex a visit with these <3

And last but not least, These new Headphones by Mandala!
The headphones come in 2 different styles, to wear on your head or around your neck and includes buth Male and Female sizes.
The included HUD allows you to change it to 14 different textures of the headphones (the metal and the leather)
so you can pick your two favorite colors together.
A very easy to use Resizer is in the HUD as well along with the options to change the glow and the brightness of these headphones.


Skin:   Essences ~ CHO ~ light rose *natural*  (@ C88)
Hair:  [LCKY] Nazu // Stormy - Hurricane

Top:  / XIAJ / Slayher Crop Top  (@ She&Him)
Skirt:  / XIAJ / Black Leather Skirt  (@ She&Him)
Boots:  ^v^DRBC^v^ Creeper Shoes Noir

Headphones:  [MANDALA] EARGASM Headphones (Unisex)
Choker:  MG - Necklace - Disco lover Cross - Choker  (@C88)
Bracelets:  [SP] Spike Button Bands black

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July Collabor88

Hi All!

I Can't believe my last post was almost a week ago!
But i have been busy with building my new sim, some other RL things
and getting totally wasted last weekend *ahem*

Soooo a brand new round of Collabor88 started! which i'm always very excited about :D
This time i picked a blouse and a skirt from House Of Fox
They are both for sale separately and available in different colors so you can make your own combination of the two!

Glam Affair released a new line of the Lulu skin that was available at the Arcade.
This time you can choose between 3 different skin tones and different make-up for each tone.
Normally i wear Europa a lot, but since it's frikkin hot outside i decided to give Ginger a Tan and go for the America tone. (Plus i like the pink lipstick)

The Necklace and ring that i'm wearing is from Maxi Gossamer and is also available at C88!
 They both have a texture changeable menu so you can change the color of the cross.
The pack with the Ring also includes a set of earrings that i'm not showing on the picture (since it would be covered by the hair anyway)


Skin:  -Glam Affair - Lulu ( America ) 02  (@C88)
Hair:  TRUTH HAIR Wanda -  blondes

Blouse:  Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Puff Sleeve Blouse [Pink] (@C88)
Skirt:  Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Leather Panel Skirt [White] (@C88)
Shoes:  [Gos] Boutique - Lolita Espadrilles - Linen

Necklace:  MG - Necklace - Disco Lover Sparkly Cross (@C88)
Ring:  MG - Earrings - Disco Lover Sparkly Cross  (@C88)
Clutch: *Tentacio* Glam Clutch flag pink

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

All About Ploom

Hi Everyone!

Today i wanna show you all the new Ploom Hairstyles.
Ploom released 6 new ones, and i know that i would not be able to use them separately in every post (Because i always go for a certain look in every post and not all hairs go with the look that i want that day).
i think it would be a shame if i left one out, because all of them are super adorable! :D
So this blog post is all about the new Ploom Styles!

Kat was available at the My Attic event, which i have been blogging before.
The event is over (which i did not realize until after i took the pictures, my apologies)
 but the Hairstyle will be available in the Mainstore soon!
You can find the information about this hair style on  >>THIS<<  Blog post

Zumah is available at the Cancer round for Zodiac this month!, I'm Cancer so i'm loving it!

and June, Jacquie, Alexis and Knitty can be found at the Ploom Mainstore!

All the hairstyles are available in a lot of different texture packs as always!

Other styling Used in the Pictures:

Skin:  Glam Affair - Cleo - Europa - 06
Tops:  DRIFT Flirty Babydoll Top [MESH] Silk Floral w/Color Chg HUD
Eyes:   IKON Ascension Eyes - Poltergeist

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Remarkable Oblivion @ FaMESHed

Hi All!

Today i wanna do a quick post to show you all these amazing boots by
Remarkable Oblivion
Which are now available at this round of FaMESHed for July!
You can get the boots in two different versions. Tan (brown) or Leather (Black)
The boots are unisex since it includes male and female versions in different sizes to for your avatar!
Remarkable Oblivion is known for their amazing high quality and these boots are even more than i expected.
The details are awesome! plus they are funny as hell :D


Skin:  Glam Affair - Cleo - Europa - Clean E
Hair:  ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Katniss V3 HairStyle / Dark Browns

Boots:  RO - Hobnails. - LEATHER  (@ FaMESHed)
Skirt:  -SU!- Tutu Skirt Dirty Green BLOODY
Shirt:  -SU!- Fight Shirt 01 Bloody (2 Options)
Jacket:  Emery - Mesh Leather Jacket Saul Black

Glasses:  *BOOM* Begas Shades (pitch)