Saturday, August 31, 2019

Psycho Barbies

Hiii All!

STUNposes released these super fun poses at the Level event!
There are 6 different poses and this big barbie box is inlcuded with it.

I wanted to create 3 different looks and what other store would be more perfect for this than Psycho Barbie? 😁
So all 3 of the outfits are available at the Psycho Barbie mainstore!

Check more of the styling down here:


Look #1:

Dress: Psycho Barbie - Melting Hearts
Hair: Magika - Jade
Tattoo: Leven Ink - Sinful Original
Pose + Barbie Box: STUN - Pose Pack Collection Bento 'Barbie' (@ Level)

Look #2:

Dress: Psycho Barbie - Voodoo Dress
Hair: Doux - Jenna (@ Dubai event)
Tattoo: Garden of Ku - Blinded Justice
Pose + Barbie Box: STUN - Pose Pack Collection Bento 'Barbie' (@ Level)

Look #3:

Outfit: Psycho Barbie - Neon Lingerie
Hair: Exile - Alibi - Wildcards
Tattoo: Queen of Ink - Sting Tattoo
Pose + Barbie Box: STUN - Pose Pack Collection Bento 'Barbie' (@ Level)

Thursday, August 29, 2019

I used to be Snow White.. But i drifted


Head - Lelutka Cate
Hair - Doux - Zoe
Eyes - Conviction - Living dead Doll
Tattoo - Garden of Ku - Blinded Justice
Nose bleed - Izzie's Nose Bleed

Hair bow - Ploom - Hoshi (now known as DOE hair - not sure if still available?)

Chair - Boudoir - Black Velvet Cat Armchair
Cocaïne plate - YSM - Coke Tray - Dark
Cocaïne Bag - Sloppy Seconds - Cocaine
Birds - HPMD* Little Birds

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

You look STUNning!

Hi All!

Last Sunday i got the notice that STUN poses accepted me as one of their official bloggers!
I Am sooo happy! Because STUN is now my very first official sponsor! 😃

STUNposes has this super fun couple pose available at Tres Chic (two different versions).
It's actually a fun summer pose with waterguns (waterguns are included with the pose)
But i wanted to do something different with it.
It's all fun and games until some aliens show up 👽

See the Original vendor poster HERE

You can find the rest of my styling and info down here:


Head - Lelutka Cate
Hair - Doux - Brianna 

Undershirt -  CURELESS[+] Basic Sheer Undershirt / BODY APPLIERS
Corset - CURELESS[+] Galaxias Cinched Bodysuit
Boots - CULT - Bad Mood Boots
Stockings - Suicidal Unborn -  Nylon Stockings /Ripped/ BLACK
Mask - Pirocious - Dustwave Mask v1.01
Gun - S.P.A.R.G Zappers Lime

Pose - STUN - Summer couple pose #1 (@ Tres Chic)
Backdrop - Isuka - back alley green backdrop
Aliens - Life Camino Alien Sectoid Soldier (full perm)

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Heaven knows we belong way down below


Head - Lelutka Cate
Hair - Little Bones - Lana (Older hair section)
Ears - Swallow - Pyramid Ears
Tattoo - Garden of Ku -Blinded justice

Top + Pasties - KiB Designs - Ikram Leather Bolero (@ Suicide Dollz)
Shorts - Psycho Barbie - Laced Shorts (Saturday sale Item this weekend!)

Rings - Psycho Barbie - Moonstone Bento Rings (50% off @ Necrosis)

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Eternal Flames

Hi Everyone!

Ok, so this is going to be a very different blog post than what i normally do.
You all know that i do fashion blogs and i don't really promote any sims.
This is a place that you really have to go see!

My friend Biatch Fenwitch and Lady Nansen from Red Queen have done such a amazing job with building this sim!
It's is very magical and enchanted and there is a lot to discover at this sim.
So i decided to show you all some things in this post and then you will have to discover everything else yourself ;)

The sim is full of magical places filled with Unicorns, Magical trees, grass, shrooms, Crystals and a lot more!
It's a beautiful place to hang out with your friends, roam around or take pictures

The sim also has some secret tunnels that you can go through.
You can rez a boat at one of the boat rezzers on the sim and go through these magical tunnels that take you to other places of the sim that you can't normally see right away.
Multiple people can sit in one of these boats and it's a lot of fun!
Make sure you don't crash though *wink*

The sim also has a club that regularly has events going on.
The events are always a lot of fun, good DJ's, good music and the club looks really good too!

You can even just hang with friends at this big pool at the sim entrance if you like! ;)

As some of you might know, I have been in Bloodlines for a lot time.
I can't say i'm the most active player but.. i'm in there ;)
This sim is our clan sim so you might see me there regularly

Now i know that some people don't like it at all and rather avoid these places.
But i can tell you that we love visitors here and no one will bug you or proach you to join bloodlines if you don't want to.
Everyone is very chill and friendly and we just want all of you to enjoy this beautiful sim!

And last but not least…Definitely not least!
Dylan... my new "bf" ROFL
He's waiting for you somewhere on the sim... in a shower... naked! *wink*

I hope you all enjoyed this post and i hope that you will have a great time when you visit the sim of Eternal Flames!
Next post will be all about the fashions again! ;)

SLurl is down here:


Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Tonight we're going hard, just like the world is ours


Head - Lelutka Cate
Hair - Doux Jenna (@ Dubai event)
Ears - Swallow - Crusties Ears
Fangs - Bloodlines system fangs
Tattoo - Garden of Ku - Blinded Justice

Bolero + Sleeves - Ghoul - Tomie crop top
Bra top - Sweet Thing - Iris Plastic Bustier (fatpack color)

Choker - +1692+ - Spellcraft Choker
Backdrop - Varonis - Sector7

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Mannequin Factory

Oh, they gonna love us
Oh, they gonna love us
We're beautiful, beautiful
Oh, they wanna kiss us
Oh, they wanna dress us
We're beautiful, beautiful

We're all mannequins
Built in a factory


Head - Lelutka Cate
Hair - Doux - Zoe
Robot Arms - AZOURY - Ephese Arm
Tattoo - Speakeasy - Sphynx Tattoo

Corset - BigBeautifulDoll - Vanity Latex Lingerie - Black v2

Mask - Mug - Taylor Oxygen Mask
Necklace - MINIMAL - Frida Necklace -Gold- *9* (Gacha)
Choker - Spookshow - WitchCraft collar

Monday, August 19, 2019

I Put a Spell on You


Head - Lelutka Cate
Hair - Tableau Vivant - Indoor/Outdoor
Ears: Random Matter - Iseul Elfie Ears
Nails - Suicidal Unborn - Almond Nails
Piercing - LePunk - Nose Piercing V1

Pixicat - Elena Set (Latex) (@ Spellbound)

Drawers, Skull, Coffin, Moon - Half Deer - Requiem Moon Gacha items
Pose + Books - RaveObscura - Spell Book (modded)
Rug - Death Row Designs - Magick shoppe Rug set

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Everytime i close my eyes, It's like a Dark Paradise


Head - Lelutka Cate
Hair - Doux Mineko
Tattoo - Garden of Ku - Blinded Justice
Fangs - Bloodlines - The Thirst fangs

Dress - Belle Epoque - {Emma} Eggplant
(Available at REDEUX in Red and Yellow, only 75L for a limited time! RUN!)

Head Jewelry - The White Crow - Regret (@ Man Cave)

Battlescars WL - Stars - River - 1.0 (Premium)
Available at Marketplace

Thursday, August 15, 2019

We're all a little mad down here


Head - Lelutka Cate
Hair - Doux - Ariana 
Hair bangs - Doux - Luxy (Bang 1)
Tattoo - Garden of Ku - Blinded Justice

Jacket - Psycho Barbie - Engimatic Jacket
Skirt - Sweet thing - Iris plastic Mini Fatpack
Top: Blueberry New group gift

Cat - Foxes - Spooky - Kitty light (Gacha Item)
Bear - Core Animesh - Animesh follower - Mutant Bear
Backdrop - Joplino - Lazy Nights

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Don't bless me Father for i have Sinned

Hair: DOUX - Natasha hairstyle
Face/Body blood: Suicidal Unborn & :Conviction: SickLove (SU Group gift)
Nails: Suicidal Unborn Almond Nails 
Hand scars: Rekt Royalty - Mark Of The Beast

Veil: ERSCH - Simple Veil with HUD
Halo: ANTINATURAL[+] Lost Saints / Holy Halo / GOLD
Lip Piercing: [ Conviction ] Bento Lip Piercing - Cross (@ Anthem)
Nose Piercing: Suicidal Unborn - Triple Ring Septum Piercing (Group Gift)
Teeth: [CX] Bloody Strigoi's Fangs (Group Gift)

Monday, August 12, 2019

Really don't care

Hi All!

Normally i love to do more darker stuff, but today i felt like i wanted something vibrant and colorful.
So here we are! :D
First of all, I gotta say that i LOVE these new shoes by Psycho Barbie!
These are available at the Any Body event and a lot of different colors are available in the gacha machine.
My dear friend Hiro and i went to the event and he got his hands on the machine before i did and he won me the Rare pare.
The Rare comes with a color change hud where you can pick every available color.
However, there's also a extra rare in the machine that has the option to have neon animated text go over the soles of the shoes.
I really wanted those but i was not able to catch them, i might go back some other time to try again ;)

And then we have this Grumpy Cat bij Rez room which is now available at Equal10.
Seems like i got the Extra extra grumpy one and i think he's hilarious!

Styling is down here:


Head: Lelutka Cate
Hair: Doux - Ariana
Tattoo: Garden of Ku - Blinded Justice

Shoes: Psycho Barbie - Nemesis Boots (@ Any Body)
Dress: PLASTIX - Apostrophe Dress (Holographic) (@ Collabor88)

Cat: [Rezz Room] Grouchy Cat Angry (@ Equal 10)
Doodle bobbers: NeverWish Glow Party - Doodlebobbers - Pink (@ The Epiphany)
Glasses: NeverWish Glow Party - Star Glasses - Pink (@ The Epiphany)
Bed: Violetility - Dee Bed [Dark]
Flying robot pet: solares >> Pride Bee Intersex
Plant: HIDEKI - Neon Plant Small
Backdrop: FOXCITY. Photo Booth - Space Babe (Rez)

Saturday, August 10, 2019

When you're gone I'll still be Bloody Mary

Hi Everyone!

We had a theme party at the Eternal Flames sim, and the theme was "Magical & Enchanted"
So i wanted to find something that would pop, and i did!
I'm not the person who would dress as a fairy and have glitters all over me.
I wanted something dark and crazy, and that's when i found this dress by Moon Amore
I absolutely love it!! it comes with a texture change hud where you can change the textures of the water and chrome parts, and of course.. i wanted it to be blood red!
I have to say that this dress is a rare from a gacha machine, and i was Lucky to get it for not too much money.
I loved wearing this at the party, and thank you to everyone who voted me and made me win the contest! <3

I inspired this picture by my all time favorite Lady Gaga song "Bloody Mary"
Hope you all like it! :)


Head - Lelutka cate
Hair: booN - Lab.023 hair color pack (+ hairbase)
Tattoo: Leven Ink - Sinful Original

Dress: :Moon Amore: Liquid Soul / Tales of the Sea Dress RARE
Collar: AsteroidBox - Caelum Collar

Ear Jewelry: Axix - Angelic Whisper (Onyx)
Finger armor - Mug - Raja Finger Armor

Mirrors: [ContraptioN] Decor: Ophiuchi's Mirror TP System 

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Not Your Perfect Fairytale

Hi All!

I been playing around with photoshop a little to practice some stuff.
I can't say that i'm all there yet.. but hey, gotta start somewhere ;)
I'm still trying to find a way of blogging and doing my photos that work the best for me.

Down here you can find the styling that i used on this picture :)


Head: Lelutka - Cate
Hair: Doux - Mineko (@ Level)
Head + Body Horns: {egosumaii} Prevailing Thorns Head&Body
Tattoo: Leven Ink Tattoo - Sinful Original

Clothing + Boots: The Forge - Hexxed (Bodice, Bra and Boots all Gacha items)

Choker: AsteroidBox - Aphrodite Collar
Pet Dragon: {egosumaii} Profane Guardian #6 (Gacha)
Pose: [ Focus Poses ] Hail To The Queen


Wednesday, August 7, 2019

They don't Impress me much


Head: Lelutka - Cate
Hair: Doux - Audrey
Ears: Mandala - Stretched Ears Season 2
Face Tattoo: Speakeasy - Giving face tat

Dress: Vale Koer - Handson Dress Leopard

Collar: Insanya - Collar with medal
Lip piercing: +AH+ Devil's heart septum 1.0
Nose piercing: Conviction - Bento lip piercing - Cross (@ Anthem)

Eyeshadow (+ part of face tattoo): Suicidal Unborn - Katja Eye Makeup + Ink
Lipstick: Izzie's - Black Lipstick (Free)

POSE: Hello Gorgeous - Blowingsteam

Monday, August 5, 2019

Government Hooker


Head - Lelutka Cate
Hair - Doux - Lizy
Tattoo - Queen oF Ink - Sting Tattoo
Face Tattoo: Speakeasy - Giving Face Tat

Hat & Veil - FAKEICON / tatum hat w veil / black (@ Equal10)
Dress - RIOT / Dondallia Dress Set - Black

Choker - Spookshow - Witchcraft Collar [Black]
Nose Piercing - -LePunk- Nose Piercing V1
Lip Piercing - [ Conviction ] Bento Lip Piercing - Cross

Do As i Please

Hi Everyone!
It has been a wile since i used my blog. My last post on here was in 2014 and i have been using Flickr only since i came back from my 4 year SL break.
However, I do wanna use my blog again to get more out of my blogging and pictures.
From now on i will post all credits on my blog again. And i hope that you will like it! ^_^

Head: Lelutka Cate 
Hair: Doux - Mineko (@ Level)
Tattoo: Garden of Ku - Blinded Justice

Dress: BigBeautifulDoll - MORTICIA Mesh Dress - Black (@ Kinky)

Lip Piercing: [ Conviction ] Bento Lip Piercing - Cross (@ Anthem)
Nose Piercing: -LePunk- Nose Piercing V1
Choker: CURELESS [+] MoonAmore / Sour Candy Choker / LoveStinks
Chest inplant: [CX] x -TWC- // Tritium Slave Collar
Bracelets:  L'Emporio ::*Amuletum Wicca*::