Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fantasy Faire #4 - Satyrs Moon and Ari's Neko Retreat

Hi Everyone!
This is another Fantasy Faire post!
I already blogged the items from Gauze and The Library before, so that leaves 2 more designers on my list of assigned stores for the faire.
Satyrs Moon and Ari's Neko Retreat.

Satyrs Moon has Faun parts up as their RFL item, and Ari's Neko Retreat has two (male and female) full neko avatars (i'm only showing the Female)
Honestly, Both were not my style. so it was quite challenging for me to do both of these. (Which is just a matter of personal taste of course)
But i tried my best to show these items as good as i could do.

The first item is from Satyrs Moon.
As i said, Satyrs Moon has a pack of Faun body parts up as their RFL item.
The pack includes: Hooves, The leg parts as Tattoo and Pants layers, Ears, Horns, A little faun tail and a HUD where you can customize some parts (as the hooves, ears, tail etc)
These parts are Unisex.

The second picture is the avatar from Ari's Neko Retreat.
It includes a skin in 3 different versions, Neko ears, Neko tail, Eyes, Whiskers, a HUD to control your ears and tail and a Shape (which i'm not showing, since i wanted to keep my own)
The ears and Tail are powered by Xcite.
The clothing and Hair on this picture are not included with the avatar.

Like i said, this is not my style but i'm sure there are people who really like these kind of avatars.
And in that case i recommend you to check out their mainstore as well to find more of this stuff.

Satyrs Moon is Located at: Crimson Fields

Ari's Neko Retreat is Located at: Lotus Valley Dream

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