Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fantasy Faire - Post #1 - Gauze

Hi Everyone!

Fantasy Faire 2013 started yesterday!
9 amazing looking sims full of amazing fantasy designers that are raising money for Relay For Life.
This week i will be blogging about this great event as much as i can!

The first store that i wanna bring to the attention is Gauze.
Gauze has some amazing looking new items for sale on this event!

Skin: On the picture you see a News skin from Gauze!
This skin is now available for both Male and Female.
The body tattoo that you see on my pictures is included with the skin!
The skin is a exclusive for the Fantasy faire and is one of the RFL items.
Meaning that the money goes to charity!

Pauldrons: The Pauldrons that i'm wearing is also one of the RFL items!
The wolf head looks absolutely amazing!
The orbs and gems are animation scripted to slowly rotate and the glowing reflections in the mouth and eyes and on the face of the wolf is scripted to softly pulse.
This item is for sale for only 200L$!
There are also other versions available. but these are no RFL items.

The Hair is also new from Gauze!
You can choose between different packs.
Each pack includes a HUD so you can easily change the textures of the hair.
Hairbases and Forelocks that you can add to the hair are included.

Face Tattoo: If you look to the face of my avatar you see this cool looking face tattoo on it.
This is not part of the skin! It is the "Child of Tiamat" face tattoo that you can get separately!
two versions are included that you can wear together!


Skin: [Gauze] UV - Ultraviolet - F (RFL Item)
Hair: [Gauze] Apsu Hair - Gems
Face Tattoo: [Gauze] Child of Tiamat
Horns: [][]Trap[][] Basic Blend Horns
Ears: [][]Trap[][] Gelf Ears
Eyes: MADesigns EYES INDIVIDUAL - a glow (prim eyes)

Pauldrons: [Gauze] Fenrir Pauldrons  (RFL Item)
Pants: [][]Trap[][] Hakama Black

Gauze & Trap are both Located on: Titans Hollow

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