Thursday, April 2, 2020

Another Dimension

Hi Everyone!

I have some brand new goodies to show you all!
And it's not One, nor Two but Three brand new items today!

As we all know by now, Neo Japan is open with a lot of really cool items!
And today i wanna show you these cool items from Cubic Cherry!

First of all, i wanna show you these shoes that i'm wearing!
They come in 4 different colors and each color includes two versions.
A regular version and a second version that includes a flickering glow effect.
A HUD is included where you can tint the glow parts to every color that you like.
These are rigged for Maitreya and SlinkHG (to fit with the socks that are showing) but unrigged versions are included as well

The socks are sold separately so are not included with these shoes.
These socks are available in two packs (Latex and Fabric)
Every pack comes with a HUD with 10 different colors to choose from.
These are also rigged for Maitreya and Slink HG

(4 different Latex colors shown down here)

(4 different Fabric colors shown down here)

Then we come to the last item that i wanna show you. which is these skirts.
These are also from Cubic Cherry but are available at Afterglow 
(So don't go to Neo Japan for these)
6 different colors are available to choose from.
These are rigged for Maitreya and Slink HG and are Mod so you can make them slightly transparent yourself if you would like that.

Afterglow will be open until the 6th of April so you have a few more days to grab these.
After that they will be moved to the Cubic Cherry mainstore i think
(don't cuss me out if it's not lol)
All available colors are shown down here:


Skirt - [Cubic Cherry] Nora skirts (@ Afterglow)
Socks - [Cubic Cherry] {Aiko} tabi high socks (@ Neo Japan)
Shoes - [Cubic Cherry] {Aiko} geta (@ Neo Japan)

Top - CURELESS[+] Jezebel Top / FATPACK (v.1)

Head - Lelutka Nova
Hair - [RA] Yolandi Hair - Whites
Tattoo - { Speakeasy } Bloom Tattoo

Glasses - RichB. Matsu Mask (@ Neo Japan)

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