Thursday, August 22, 2019

Eternal Flames

Hi Everyone!

Ok, so this is going to be a very different blog post than what i normally do.
You all know that i do fashion blogs and i don't really promote any sims.
This is a place that you really have to go see!

My friend Biatch Fenwitch and Lady Nansen from Red Queen have done such a amazing job with building this sim!
It's is very magical and enchanted and there is a lot to discover at this sim.
So i decided to show you all some things in this post and then you will have to discover everything else yourself ;)

The sim is full of magical places filled with Unicorns, Magical trees, grass, shrooms, Crystals and a lot more!
It's a beautiful place to hang out with your friends, roam around or take pictures

The sim also has some secret tunnels that you can go through.
You can rez a boat at one of the boat rezzers on the sim and go through these magical tunnels that take you to other places of the sim that you can't normally see right away.
Multiple people can sit in one of these boats and it's a lot of fun!
Make sure you don't crash though *wink*

The sim also has a club that regularly has events going on.
The events are always a lot of fun, good DJ's, good music and the club looks really good too!

You can even just hang with friends at this big pool at the sim entrance if you like! ;)

As some of you might know, I have been in Bloodlines for a lot time.
I can't say i'm the most active player but.. i'm in there ;)
This sim is our clan sim so you might see me there regularly

Now i know that some people don't like it at all and rather avoid these places.
But i can tell you that we love visitors here and no one will bug you or proach you to join bloodlines if you don't want to.
Everyone is very chill and friendly and we just want all of you to enjoy this beautiful sim!

And last but not least…Definitely not least!
Dylan... my new "bf" ROFL
He's waiting for you somewhere on the sim... in a shower... naked! *wink*

I hope you all enjoyed this post and i hope that you will have a great time when you visit the sim of Eternal Flames!
Next post will be all about the fashions again! ;)

SLurl is down here:


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