Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hair Fair Faves #1

HI Everyone!

Hair Fair started! Which always makes me very very very excited!
Hair fair is the time when i always go totally broke because i'm such a hair addict.
Yesterday i made my round though the 4 hair fair sims and i got all the hair that i wanted in one day.
I probably spend between 6000 and 8000 linden on hair lol
I will blog all my favorite hairstyles that i got at the fair this week!
And here are the first 3!  Enjoy!

#1 ROSY MOOD - Honey Dipper
Red Set
Teleport to: ROSY MOOD

#2 TRAM - C601
Maroon & Darksalmon
Teleport To: TRAM

#3 LaViere / Tee*fy  - Nadine
Reds Pack
Teleport To:  LAVIERE / Tee*fy

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