Review Policies

Greetings Designers!

Thanks for your interest in my blog!
I Am currently looking for new sponsors. But i have a few rules for myself.

- Skin Designers.
I love skins, i really do! but...
I only blog skins from Designers that i know, and that i like.
I don't look good in every skin, and i do not blog any skins that don't look good on my avatar.

The reason that i only blog skins from designers that i know and trust is because i don't want to get into any drama about stolen skins, stolen lips, stolen hands and stolen butts.
I trust all skin designers that i use in my blog, and i will keep it that way.
If i like and trust your skins then i probably have blogged then before, which you can see in my "labels" list on my blog.
All Skin designers that are in this list are welcome to send me a notecard if they would like to have me as a official blogger. <3

- Shapes:
No, i do not blog any shapes.

There are a lot of clothing designers in SL, especially since MESH came to the grid.
I'm sure that everyone works hard for their creations, but not all creations are my style.
i do like a lot of styles, but not everything get's me that excited.
I blog clothing that i really like myself. If i don't like them that much then i will not blog them, i'm sorry.

I'm a total hair addict!
And i would love to have more hair designers as sponsors.
Just like i said in the part of the skins: check my "Labels" list on my blog to see if your store is on there already, because that means that i do like your style.

If you want me as your blogger please send me a notecard inworld.
IM's or Random group invites can get capped.

Ginger Krokus

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